Software is my passion.
Hacking is my hobby.

My strongest skills are those in web technologies. While I have experience in mobile development, I've come to realize that the web is where the true potential lies in the future of software. I'm very excited about what's to come ahead in this industry. I do everything I can to keep up with the bleeding edge.

Recent Work


An Android application where you can create 3D models of a picture and even 3D print it!

Available printing materials range from colored plastics, wax, stainless steel, gold, silver, brass, bronze, platinum, aluminum, and many more!

Take pictures of your friends, family or pets and have them Carbonized!

Don't Film Me!

This is an automated face blurring tool for videos via the command line.

The intended audience for this tool is cinematographers who need to manually blur out subject in their videos post-production.

MTA Perfect Fare

MTA Perfect Fare will calculate the most cost-efficient Metrocard that you will purchase.

It takes into consideration the current bonus fare that is applied when you put money into the Metrocard.

In addition, it will also tell you the savings you get if you were to buy less cost-efficient plans.


A website I created for the Computer Simulation, Optimization, and Stochastic Modelling Research Instutition at CUNY.

Emotional Clothing

Embedded system that analyzes the color of clothing and plays music to corresponding to the emotion of that color.

By simply hovering this device over someone's shirt or any article of clothing, you too can listen to the hidden melodies in our clothing.

Eat Cheap And Healthy Recipe Centralizer

A Reddit bot specifically for the subreddit /r/EatCheapAndHealthy.

It scouts through submissions and comments and analyzes each post, determining whether or not someone posted a recipe.

It also predicts the titles of the recipes utilizing Levenshtein distance measurements.